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Rae Smith, Registered Massage therapist

Rae has been working as a massage therapist for almost 30 years, and  practising mindfulness for about 25 of those years. Her goal is to make a  contribution toward reducing pain, increasing function and improving  the quality of life for her clients. She does this with massage,  craniosacral therapy, fascial integration and therapeutic exercise. She  is committed to continuing education and creativity in her approach to  the healing art and science of massage therapy.

For more than eight years Rae worked with both children and adults in  a very progressive orthodontic practice. Her time with that team helped  her to develop a clinical interest in head, neck and facial pain. She  also has a clinical interest in trauma and PTSD.

Being an adoptive mother and an advocate for the adoption community,  she has developed an understanding of and sensitivity to the unique  challenges facing families of adoption and foster care.

Her devotion to community wellness leads her to volunteering her time  to ongoing projects within Simcoe County’s arts community and to  working with the Barrie and Area Victims’ Crisis Assistance and Referral  Service (BaVCARS).

Contact us at 705.726.2362